Monday, September 16, 2013

Tohoku 2013

Since our last post we have been quite active up in the areas affected by the tsunami, spending around 2 weeks there so far this year. We have been focussing on the areas north of Ishinomaki, up to Kamaishi. As the project develops we intend to increase the scope and area of our project. The area is in desperate need of support, and morale is low. In response to the situation, we decided to produce self study yoga materials. The first of our materials is a routine on a double sided A4 card. The routine has been designed to be suitable for a maximum age and ability range, without the use of props. We took a test routine with us and gave it to individuals, yoga teachers in the area, hospitals, hotels, cafes and volunteer groups. We are planning a follow up trip to asses the effectiveness of the routine and to make any necessary changes. So far the feedback has been extremely positive.

The first side of the 2 sided routine card:

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